Our goals
We are an educational charity and our primary aim is to resource people to grow in the faith, in order to help them respond to contemporary society’s spiritual hunger and thirst for justice.




"Catholic tradition ought to be concerned with presenting a depth and range of resources that will stop anyone from too easily believing that the Church at any one moment has got it all wrapped up, has fathomed the meaning of Jesus Christ. [This is] the fruit of trying to keep eyes and ears and heart open to the wholeness of what’s being passed on to us – including the awkwardness, the half-hidden points of conflict, the half muffled voices. Catholicism is supposed to have some connection with wholeness, yes?"

Rowan Williams, St Alban’s Holborn,
June 1990
  What we do:    

Produce publications
Which explore basic themes in Christian theology, introducing people to the riches of the tradition and contemporary insights and by publishing books and booklets which tackle current issues in Church and society.

In every case our objective is to set out a progressive Catholic vision which values our Anglican way by balancing scripture, tradition and reason with the lived experience of Christians today.

Discounts on our publications are available to our supporters.

Holding conferences
Which present a range of voices and insights on key themes. Since our foundation we have held a national residential conferences, day conferences and retreats.

Titles of the residential conferences have included:
• Living the Mystery
• Living the Eucharist
• Living Evangelism
• Celebrating Creation and Living the Magnificat,
(which explored the gospel and social justice. Papers from our conferences and study days have been published in book form by DLT and more recently Continuum/Mowbray; Discounts on our publications are available to our supporters.


Meeting locally together
There are local groups of supporters in nearly every English Diocese and groups in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

In addition groups meet in North America

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Organising pilgrimages,
celebrations and other events. Local groups especially organise discussions, retreats, pilgrimages and opportunites to worship.

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