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09.11.12 Appointment of new ABC


Affirming Catholicism welcomes

appointment of new Archbishop of Canterbury

Affirming Catholicism welcomes the appointment of the next Archbishop of Canterbury and assures Bishop Justin Welby of the prayers of all our supporters as he prepares to take on this extremely challenging role.

Affirming Catholicism looks forward to engaging with Bishop Justin in this next phase of his ministry, and to offering him a progressive, forward-looking and generous Church of England Catholic perspective on the issues with which he will have to grapple. This perspective is consistent with Scripture and our Catholic tradition and also reflects reasoned development in the light of experience.

Affirming Catholicism believes that through his appointment both the Church of England and the Anglican Communion will benefit from the perspectives gained by Bishop Justin in his successful career before and since entering ordained ministry, and particularly from his experience in mediation and reconciliation. We hope that he will both value and act on the distinctive and generous viewpoint that Affirming Catholics hold as they engage with God’s world.


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