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Breaking News:

"Going for Growth - from an Affirming Catholic Perspective"
Material from the day conference held on Saturday May 9th, S. George’s, Jesmond, will be available shortly
Detail here >>

Available now here>> Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin’s sermon and the testimonies by Sally Barnes, the Revd Canon Philippa Boardman, the Revd Dr Hannah Cleugh, Mary Johnston, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, and the Rt Revd Clive Young from the Eucharist in celebration of the passing of the legislation to admit women to the Episcopate and the consecration of the Rt Revd Libby Lane (St Mark’s Hamilton Terrace, 31st January, 2015).

Affirming Catholicism is pleased to announce that we begin 2015 with a new President, as Bishop Stephen Cottrell has graciously accepted this position in succession to Bishop Michael Perham.

The Revd Canon Dr Rosemarie Mallett, Chair of the Board, says: “The Bishop of Chelmsford’s latest must-read book, Walking Backwards to Christmas, presses the reset button for the way we view a familiar story. We hope that he will work with Aff Cath similarly - to explore new ways to affirm the positive and inclusive currents in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England.”

Accepting the appointment, The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford, comments: “Affirming Catholicism offers the church a vision of a generous and contagious orthodoxy, a faith shared with many others and a faith to be shared with the world. As we look forward to the consecration of the first women bishops in the Church of England so we also look to a renewal of this catholic vision, beyond some of the debates that have divided us in the past. It is good to be part of this.” Copy of the Press Release is here >>


July 2014 Review is now available for download or to read online here >>


New Vice President of Affirming Catholicism appointed

Details here 

Theological and historical perspectives
A Day Conference

at St Matthew’s Westminster

Audio feeds of the speakers’ contributions at Saturday 25 January’s Conference are now available via the links below:

Jorun Økland - Centre for Gender Studies, Oslo »
Paul, marriage and the New Testament

Cally Hammond - Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge »
Augustine and early church understandings of marriage

Hannah Cleugh - University College, Durham »
Marriage, the Reformation and the BCP

Jeremy Morris - King’s College, Cambridge »
Marriage and the Church of England in the nineteenth century

Iain McLean - Nuffield College, Oxford »
Establishment, politics and same-sex marriage after the Pilling Report

Marriage has been much in the news recently. Some maintain that the Christian ideal of marriage is and can only be between one man and one woman, providing the proper context in which children are conceived and raised. Others regard deep committed relationships to be God-given and marriage-like, regardless of whether they are between a man and a woman, two women, or two men. The conference offered an opportunity to consider how marriage is presented in Scripture and how it has been framed through Christian history, and to explore the Church of England’s current position on marriage and same-sex relationships.

The full programme of the day is AVAILABLE HERE >>




Sample BooksFull range of publications in the Bloomsbury Affirming Catholicism imprint can be viewed here >>

Do you yearn for a spiritual depth to your life which connects the realities of everyday living with the wisdom of the ages? Do you sense that reading the Bible like a rule book diminishes the mystery of God’s revelation? Do you feel that the love of God is more generous and radical than the Church appears to be? We share your instincts.

We are a movement of inspiration and hope in the Anglican Communion, seeking to bring together and strengthen lay and ordained people who recognise the positive, inclusive and joyful currents in the Catholic tradition of Christianity.

We are working to make the Catholic element within Anglicanism a positive force for the Gospel and a model for effective mission today.

As reformed and reforming Catholics, we seek to renew the universal Church by including those with different perspectives and bearing witness in the world to Christ’s healing and reconciling love.




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